Client Consent & Release

Every client is required to read and sign this Client Consent and Release form, prior to
receiving any services from Mane Attraction, including, but not limited to, hair cutting,
colouring, styling and/or application of hair treatments, processes and extensions. 

In consideration for the salon- Mane Attraction – the undersigned is agreeing as followed:

  1. Appointments and Cancellations. I acknowledge and agree that I must provide at least
    twenty-four (48) hours notice to Mane Attraction prior to cancelling or changing my
    appointment. The salon may refuse future services if failed to provide such notice. I
    acknowledge that, the salon reserves the right to reschedule my appointment if I arrive
    more than fifteen (15) minutes late.


  2. Conditions. I declare that I am in good physics condition and that I have no allergies,
    ailments, impairments or other physical or mental conditions that prevent me from safely
    receiving any services. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform Mane Attraction of any
    medical history, medication or any other conditions that may affect the outcome.


  3. No Guarantees. I acknowledge and agree that Mane Attraction is a form of artistic
    impression and that the results achieved by such services will vary from person to person. I
    declare that, no promises or guarantees have been made to me regarding the specific results. I
    understand that additional salon services may be recommended and/or necessary for my hair
    maintenance and that permanent damage to my hair is possible.


  4. Payment. I understand that payment for Mane Attraction’s Services are due at the time of
    each service completion. I completely acknowledge that under no circumstances will there be,
    a salon refund of payment for any services achieved by Mane Attraction.


  5. Release of Liability. I herby release that Mane Attraction’s affiliates, licenses, members;
    directors, managers, employees, officers, advisors and agents – all of salon’s parties – are
    covenant not to sue the salon parties for, any claim or cause of action, whether known or
    unknown, arising out of or resulting from any services, including, but not limited to, claims for
    bodily injury or property damage.


  6.  I understand that Mane Attraction may take videos and/or photos of me
    in connection with the salon services, and, I consent to the use of this content.


*Upon booking all guests will be asked for 50% deposit for service either e transfer or credit card. This goes towards your future appointment. All DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE. If you do decide that you are unable to make it and give the 48 hour notice your deposit will be moved to your next appointment.
We require a 48 hour notice if an appointment needs to be cancelled, changed or moved.