Each Stylist has their own unique vibe, specialty and hourly rate. Mane Attraction is a gender neutral and inclusive space. Sessions are booked only based on the time needed to achieve your hair goals. The bigger the change, the more time we will need to customize and create your look.

Every guest has a different hair type and hair needs. Our stylists range from $55-150 an hour so that your hair can align with your budget. Your hair is an investment and we want you to feel comfortable and confident with your appointment.  

There are no surprise costs or up-charges, you will always know exactly what you are paying for when you book.

As always, you are our main priority and we are excited to offer this. Appointments will always include a blow-dry so that our work is guaranteed. We believe in quality over quantity. All new clients please go to fill out our Appointment Request Form. If you aren't sure what to book please email or call us. We are here to help you reach your hair goals. 

Stephanie -150/hr
    Jenn - 90/hr 
Joanna - 90/hr 
Bianca - 80/hr
Alyssa -   80/hr
Natalia - 75/hr
      Jo -   70/hr


Deposit / Cancellation Policy

All appointments require a credit card on file in order to secure your appointment.

If you do not show up or give 24 hours notice to cancel you will be charged for the appointment.